Threefold Auditorium
Capital Campaign

In 1926, the Threefold Group bought a house and some land on Hungry Hollow Road and started Threefold Farm. Ninety years on, every institution here is experiencing significant growth and transitions, and new facilities are needed to serve growing needs and new challenges.

What happens next with Threefold Auditorium has everything to do with the present and future needs of the organizations that make their home in and around the Threefold community. We must ensure that the decisions we make about the Auditorium will support and foster the growth and development of institutions like the Seminary of the Christian Community, the Fiber Craft Studio, the Otto Specht School, Eurythmy Spring Valley, Sunbridge Institute, the Pfeiffer Center, Green Meadow Waldorf School, and the Fellowship Community.

In late 2015, these organizations prepared statements of their current facilities needs and forecast their projected needs five and ten years in the future. In early 2016, these statements will be consolidated into a picture of activity at Threefold today, in 2021, and in 2026. This picture will help us create a renovated, refurbished and revitalized auditorium that will capably serve our people, community and movement for the next 65 years.

The first phase of the Auditorium project — the installation of modern utility service — has been completed. Our work now is less visible, but no less important. We are deeply grateful to our donors for continuing to making it possible. Ninety years ago, the Threefold Group created a place to express the highest ideals of anthroposophy in practical work. Today, your support enables us to continue and deepen that work for a new century.

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A Rich Heritage, a Vibrant Future

Threefold Auditorium was intentionally designed and built to serve cultural life and anthroposophy in Spring Valley, America, and the world. Today the building is busy year round, providing studio and office space for Eurythmy Spring Valley, classrooms and offices for The Otto Specht School, a home base for the Farm and Garden Days summer camp, offices for Threefold Educational Center, and a stage for recitals, performances, and community events. Built as an indoor home for the Threefold community’s anthroposophical summer schools, over the years the auditorium has housed and nurtured countless events and initiatives, many of them never foreseen by the original builders:

• Countless eurythmy performances; a key teaching space for the School of Eurythmy since 1972; and home of the Eurythmy Spring Valley touring ensemble;

• Since the 1950s, home to the Threefold Mystery Drama Group and performances under the direction of Hans Pusch, Peter Menaker, and Barbara Renold;

• Home of annual meetings of the Biodynamic Association every year from 1949 until 1980, and site of the BDA’s landmark national conference in 2010 (pictured below);

• Home of the Biochemical Research Laboratory founded by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer from 1949 until 1976;

• Site of many Annual General Meetings of the Anthroposophical Society in America, most recently in 2009;

• Site of annual meetings of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (1988-2012);

• Home of the Sunbridge College Library and Bookstore (1986-2008);

• Site of Living Questions Research Symposiums (2008-13);

• Home of the Threefold Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America

• Site of the InPower youth conference (2014);

• Site of many community events, performances, art exhibits, and seminars;

• Since 2010, classroom and office space for the Otto Specht School (a Waldorf school for children with learning differences).

To read more about the design and construction of Threefold Auditorium, visit this page.

Be a Part of This Historic Project

Threefold Auditorium is one of only two buildings in the world built in service to anthroposophy. This project is our commitment to the future of anthroposophy in America, and the world. Please give today. Thank you for your generous donation.

For More Information

For more information, and to discuss major gifts and naming opportunities in the renovated Threefold Auditorium, please contact:

Rafael (Ray) Manaças
Executive Director,
Threefold Educational Foundation
Phone: 845-352-5020 x12

Carl Schmidt cutting paneling for the Library, Threefold Auditorium, ca. 1949.


Are you considering a major donation? Please call Rafael Manaças to discuss naming opportunities:
845-352-5020 x12.