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Sponsored by the Fiber Craft Studio

Fiber Craft Studio
Open Studio Afternoons

Thursday, July 30, 12:00-2:00pm

Come visit us at our Studio in Orchard House on Thursday afternoons through August 6. Browse, see us at work, and experience our unique plant-dyed materials. Our plant-dyed materials and fiber craft kits are available for sale, and we are ready to assist you as needed.

Location: The Fiber Craft Studio, Orchard House, 275 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY. Park on Orchard Lane.

Information: Call 845-425-2891, email, or visit our web site.

Sponsored by The Pfeiffer Center

Volunteer Days at the
Pfeiffer Center Garden

Friday, August 7 & 21, 9:00am-12:30pm

Here's your opportunity to get your hands dirty with Mac Mead, Megan Durney and the Pfeiffer Center interns!

No need to call in advance when you want to volunteer — we promise to have a variety of garden tasks available to do. Meet us in the garden at 9:00am, dress appropriately to work outdoors, and plan to work until 12:30pm.

Lunch and snacks can be purchased at Threefold Café, the Fellowship Community's Hand and Hoe, or at the Hungry Hollow Co-op.

We look forward to seeing you in the garden!

Location: The Pfeiffer Center garden, across from Threefold Main House, 285 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY. For directions, click here.

Information: Call 845-352-5020 x20, email, or visit our web site.

Co-Sponsored by Threefold Educational Center

A Course in Sanskrit
With Michael Posnick

Six Monthly Workshops
Starting Saturday, August 22

Rudolf Steiner used Sanskrit words to portray the most important ideas of anthroposophy.

Now a course in Sanskrit sound and calligraphy is being offered to help deepen our understanding of the effect of language on our thinking.

Sound is creative. In the study of Sanskrit, sound is the highest priority. In the beginning, sacred texts were not written down, only chanted. Having a language that is 100 percent phonetic makes it much easier to preserve these sacred sounds. Pronunciation has always been extremely important, since sound is creative and all sound has an energetic effect.

The Sanskrit alphabet is called Devanagari, the City of the Gods. Sanskrit calligraphy offers practice in attention and an appreciation of the beauty inherent in these ancient forms.

Michael Posnick is a student and tutor in the School of Practical Philosophy, where the study of Sanskrit plays an important role in the curriculum.

Schedule: This will be a six-month course, meeting with Mr. Posnick once a month, on Saturday mornings for 2 hours, beginning August 22, 2015. Weekly practice sessions will be scheduled with his assistant for those interested.

Fee: A suggested contribution is $200 for the six-month course, which includes calligraphy materials.

Information, and to register: Contact Sam Leopold:

Sponsored by the Pfeiffer Center
& the Parent Council of Green Meadow

Second Annual
Farm-to-Table Dinner
Benefit for the Pfeiffer Center

Saturday, September 19

Celebrate our autumn harvest with a farm-to-table dinner of freshly picked biodynamic greens, apples, squash and herbs, artisanal cheeses, and roasted meats and vegetables from the Pfeiffer Center and our biodynamic neighbors in the Hudson Valley.

We'll gather with Mac Mead and his co-workers in the Pfeiffer Center garden for an evening introduction. Then it's on to the Main House terrace for biodynamic hors d'oeuvres, followed by a candle-lit dinner (with wine) prepared by Chef Charlie Miller in Threefold Café's Main House dining room.

All proceeds from this event benefit the programs of the Pfeiffer Center.

Save the date, and watch this space! Tickets will be on sale soon.

Information: Contact the Pfeiffer Center at 845-352-5020 x20 or

Co-Sponsored by Threefold Educational Center

The Seven-Year Cycles
and the Biography of the Soul:
Human Development in the Light of Anthroposophy
With Jennifer Brooks Quinn

Five Saturday Workshops
Starting September 26

Our lives unfold in seven-year cycles related to the development of new aspects of the body, soul and spirit. By drawing on Rudolf Steiner’s insights and through studying a fairy tale, this course will give us tools to deepen our understanding of human becoming, to look back over our own biography, and find threads that weave through our life story. In this way, we can begin to see the wisdom that lies at the heart of our challenges and opportunities and to discover truths that free us to stand as responsible human beings able to face the future with courage and resolve.

Artistic activities and exercises, as well as discussion, will be intrinsic components of this course.

Open to all, including those new to biography work and anthroposophy, this course will also serve those who already have experience with this work.

Jennifer Brooks Quinn is a Waldorf teacher, an adult educator and a biographical counselor with a practice in Spring Valley and New York City. She has been a director of Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy at both Sunbridge College and The Brooklyn Waldorf School.

Schedule: The course will meet on five Saturdays, 9:00am-3:00pm, at Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, New York: September 26; October 17 and 31; and November 7 and 21.

Course fee: $725.

Information, and to register: Please contact Jennifer Brooks Quinn: or 845-356-6389.

Sponsored by the Fiber Craft Studio

Harvesting Fall Colors
with Chris Marlow

September 26, 9:00am–3:00pm

In September, we have available the peak of summer harvest from nature and the dye garden. The brilliant colors surrounding us in the fall foliage give a hint of colors hidden within the plants, if you know how to release them. We will coax yellow from flowers, red from roots and blue from leaves and apply them to our prepared natural fibers.

Chris Marlow is co-director of the Fiber Craft Studio and a graduate of the first Applied Arts Cycle in 1999. She was a handwork teacher at Green Meadow Waldorf School for fifteen years and at the West Side Community School, a charter school in New York City, for two years. She is program director for the Fiber Craft Studio's Applied Arts Program.

Fee: $90 (including materials).

Location: The Fiber Craft Studio, Orchard House, 275 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY.

Information, and to register: Call 845-425-2891, email, or visit our web site.

Sponsored by The Pfeiffer Center

Michaelmas Festival
in the Garden

Sunday, September 27, 1:30-4:00pm

All are invited to help make, stir and spray the biodynamic preparation #500, which supports humus formation and root growth. Refreshments will be provided from the garden. This child-friendly event is a well-loved community tradition. We look forward to seeing you there!

Location: In the Pfeiffer Center garden, opposite 285 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY; click here for directions.

For more information: call 845-352-5020 x20, or email

Sponsored by Threefold Educational Center

Building a Threefold Speech Chorus:
Polyhymnia with Jennifer Kleinbach

Saturdays, 10:00-11:00am
Fall Series: October 3-November 21
Spring Series: March 12-May 14

“Speech formation creates healthy words, and each single healthy word creates a healthy being. Every group which practices such activities creates larger healthy beings who move through the world healing and sacrificing themselves to repair those things which other humans have previously damaged. They neutralize the evil powers.”

— Nature Spirits and What They Say

Through practicing any form of art, we cultivate the possibility of communicating with the divine. Art is our way of both speaking to lofty spiritual beings and hearing what they say to us. In the artistic forming of speech, we take as raw material our gift of speech and lift it, shape it, and mold it; then we breathe life into it and kindle its flame so it can fly free in a symphony of sound. This joyful, often playful work fully engages the whole human being, body, soul, and spirit — all our senses — our very breath.

This course will meet weekly (eight weeks in the fall and ten weeks in the spring), building a foundation of choral speech through exercises and seasonally themed pieces. The fall and spring blocks may be taken separately, and we will start small, but we will slowly build over years toward the capacity to take up performance of grander works, particularly Rudolf Steiner’s great Foundation Stone Meditation.

Location: Threefold Auditorium, 260 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY.

Fee: Sliding Scale, $10-$160 per season.

Information, and to register: Contact Virginia Hermann at or 845-352-5020 x18.

Sponsored by Threefold Educational Center

The Art of Acting:
Drama As a Path of
Inner Development

Ten weekend workshops
from October 2015 to June 2016
First workshop: October 10

In ten weekend workshops from October to June, Laurie Portocarrero leads The Art of Acting on a journey into the essence of human self-expression.

Each workshop blends the exercises of Michael Chekhov with movement, gesture and speech work drawn from a variety of supportive techniques. Most classes include instruction from speech artist Jennifer Kleinbach. In addition, special workshops on clowning and improvisation are contributed by Laura Geilen of Nose to Nose of North America and David Anderson of Walking the dog Theater. At the end of the year, the course culminates in a public performance/sharing.

Whether acting is an avocation or your vocation, this course is a challenging, supportive, playful, soul-stretching opportunity to pursue deeper self-awareness through art. You need only bring a desire and willingness to play and explore!

Now registering! For a complete course description, click here; to see the 2015-16 schedule, click here; to register on line, click here.

Sponsored by Green Meadow Waldorf School

Green Meadow Fall Fair

Saturday, October 10, 10:00am-5:00pm

Join us for a beautiful Fall tradition, with children's activities including cider pressing, pumpkin carving, and hayrides, plus unique vendors, live music, organic food, and much more! The Fair draws close to 3,000 visitors each year to our school's beautiful, 11-acre wooded campus.

Location: Green Meadow Waldorf School, 307 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY.

Fee: Free admission and parking. Activity tickets are $1 each.

Information: Contact Averi Lohss at 845-356-2514 x301, or

Sponsored by Threefold Educational Center

Drama as a Path of Consciousness:
An Introductory Chekhov Workshop
with Laurie Portocarrero

Friday-Sunday, October 16-18

Starting at 6:30 on Friday evening, and continuing for two full days of intensive individual and hands-on work, participants in this workshop will discover personal pathways toward what renowned Russian actor and teacher Michael Chekhov called the "Ideal or Essential Human Being."

Using games and play, plus speech, movement, and ensemble work, we will dig into our individual habits of speech and movement — the unconscious gestures we live in every day. Then we will explore how Chekhov's basic movement and speech tools can bring fresh consciousness and new choices to our everyday self-expression.

No previous Chekhov experience is required — it's a great opportunity to dip your toes into this rich and enlivening work. Those who have worked with Chekhov in the past will find this workshop a stimulating opportunity to flex your muscles and try new things.

Schedule: The workshop will start with a Friday evening session (6:30-9:00pm). The Saturday class will begin at 9:00am and end at 8:00pm, with generous breaks for meals and snacks; and the Sunday session will run from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Fee: $195.

Information, and to register: Click here for a full description and registration information.

Sponsored by Threefold Educational Center

The Art of Acting:
A Chekhov Intensive in
Dialogue, Scene and Group Work
with Laurie Portocarrero

February 26-28 & April 1-3, 2016
Registration deadline: January 29, 2016

This two-weekend, six-day retreat, designed for actors with some training in the techniques of Michael Chekhov, will provide an in-depth experience of the artistic presentation of dialogue, scene and group work. Over the course of two long weekends, students will work together with scenes from Shakespeare or a one-act play to deepen their experience of the basics of Michael Chekhov's technique.

The emphasis on ensemble work, and the immersive workshop setting, will offer a unique opportunity to go further with work begun in introductory classes.

Information, and to register: For a detailed description and online registration, click here.