The Art of Acting

The Art of Acting,
Art of Being Human

Four One-Day Workshops
with Laurie Portocarrero

We long for connection and meaning in our human relating. But often the very way in which we approach one another sabotages our earnest reaching out. Do we know how we affect those around us? How can we become more aware of the tone and gesture behind our words and movements, and consciously shape them to create greater harmony in ourselves and healing in our relationships? Inscribed above the temple door at Delphi were the words “O Human Being, Know Thyself.” To this day, it is the pressing task of all human beings to wake up and know who we are, so that we may meet one another and our world consciously.

In this new series of one-day workshops, participants will experience and explore techniques and tools devised by famed acting teacher Michael Chekhov. In this age of fragmentation and isolation, the Chekhov method’s premise of the whole human being touches back into the time when art, healing, and religion were one, bringing fresh consciousness and the possibility of new choices to our daily lives. Each workshop will also include movement, gesture, and speech work drawn from a variety of supportive methods.

Through play and games, movement and speech, exercises and creative ensemble exploration, we will dig into our own habits and tendencies — the unconscious gestures we live with every day. Then we can begin to learn to direct and express our inner life by inviting our body, voice and soul to move in ways chosen by our higher creative self.

Schedule and format: Workshops take place on the campus of Threefold Educational Center and run from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Each workshop is completely self-contained; the content of the workshops is complementary. Please feel free to mix and match!

Fee: $115 per workshop.

About the Instructor

Laurie Portocarrero

Laurie Portocarrero trained in the Chekhov method under master teachers Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan, and has studied and taught movement, drama and speech in the US and abroad. A member of The Actors’ Ensemble, Walking the dog Theater, Shakespeare Alive! and Threefold Mystery Drama Group, Laurie has recently been seen in The Mystery Journey of Johannes and Maria, A Winter’s TaleShakespeare’s Supernaturals, and Thornton Wilder’s three-minute pieces. With the Threefold Mystery Drama Group, she has played Maria in Rudolf Steiner’s four mystery dramas. Laurie tours the US, Canada and Europe in The Refugees’ Tale (based on Goethe’s fairy tale), Aeschylus Unbound, and The Gospel of John. Her one-woman pieces include The Power of Imagination; Miriam, a haunting piece on Mary Magdalene; Timeless Tales for Christmas; and Story and Song for Spring. Laurie directed the 2016 debut reading of the new mystery drama Future Dawning, by Glen Williamson. She directs an annual summer children’s program, Shakespeare on the Green, and teaches drama and storytelling to adults, young people and children throughout China. Waldorf-educated, Laurie holds a BA in Theater Arts, completed Spacial Dynamics Level 1, and also trained at Sunbridge College and Rudolf Steiner College.

2017-18 Workshops


This fall and winter, Laurie Portocarrero and The Art of Acting present four one-day workshops on the theme, “The Art of Acting, the Art of Being Human”:

October 28, 2017
Stand Up and Speak!
Essential tools for everyone who ever has to stand up and speak to an audience.

December 2, 2017
Calming the Chaos Within
Focusing on exercises that can ground and calm us, helping us strengthen our inner creative life.

January 13, 2018
What Ails Thee?
How can we turn the clear light of cool objectivity on our own soul lives and bring warm attentive interest to the human being in front of us?

February 24, 2018
Art of Acting, Art of Being Together
Focusing on ensemble-building games and play that help bring our best individual selves to the service of the community.