Living Knowledge

A Pathway to Living Knowledge

A week-long course with
Craig Holdrege
and Henrike Holdrege

Co-sponsored by Threefold Educational Center and the Nature Institute

Monday, September 24–Friday, September 28, 2012

In this course we will focus on the nature of phenomenological inquiry, both in its roots in Goethe’s approach and in its further development through Rudolf Steiner. In essence, our question will be: How can we develop capacities that allow the qualities and relationships inherent in the world to come to ever greater expression? As Steiner wrote, “to live in truth means, in the consideration of any given thing, that we attend to the inner experience that arises as we behold it.” How can we heighten that experience and observe, as Goethe asks, “who speaks here, the object or you?” Can we enhance our capacities and cultivate inner organs of perception? In this course we want to enter a pathway of experience and practice phenomenological methodology in the exploration of natural and soul phenomena.


The course begins on Monday, September 24 at 9:00am, and concludes on Friday, September 28, at 12:30pm.

Each day consists of morning seminars from 9:00am to 12:30pm, a lunch break from 12:30pm to 2:00pm, and afternoon activities from 2:00pm to 5:30pm.


Craig Holdrege is The Nature Institute's director and spearheaded its founding in 1998. His passion is to develop what Goethe called "delicate empiricism" – an approach that learns from nature how to understand nature and is infused with a cautious and critical awareness of how intentions and habits of mind affect human understanding. His research takes two directions. In the first, he carries out studies of animals and plants that tell the story of these organisms as dynamic and integrated beings within the larger web of life. The comprehensive and holistic understanding of organisms provides the basis for his second area of focus – researching genetics and genetic engineering in relation to the broader context of internal and external ecology of living organisms.

Craig has a Ph.D. in sustainability education from Prescott College in Arizona. He completed a Masters-level, non-degree program in phenomenological science at the Science Research Laboratory at the Goetheanum, Switzerland, and has a B.A. in philosophy from Beloit College.

Henrike Holdrege is a co-founder of The Nature Institute. She is a mathematician and biologist, subjects she taught in public and Waldorf schools. At the Institute Henrike is involved in all aspects of the Institute's life. She carries out research in projective geometry and into the phenomena of light and color. She helps with program conception and implementation and teaches courses in our education programs. She is the Institute's finance manager, keeps the place beautiful, and basically steps in wherever help is needed.

Henrike teaches courses in projective geometry at the Institute as well as around the country. She is interested in leading people – especially those who "never liked math" – into unfamiliar thought territory. In projective geometry we have to let go of common thought habits in order to stretch our inner terrain. We discover thereby our ability to conceive of the invisible and enliven our thinking capacities. We build new "thought muscles" and gain insights that we can apply in everyday and professional life. In her work with the phenomenology of the visual world, she wants to help people become more attentive to the actual visual appearances and their relations; this activity opens up a deep appreciation for the qualities of light and color and is also a means of overcoming abstract habits of thought.

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Participant Tuition: $560; includes materials, as well as morning and afternoon snacks. Registered participants in the 2012 Living Questions Research Symposium pay $460, a $100 savings. Housing and meals are not included.

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