Hearing the Still, Small Voice
Speaking with the Authority of Truth
Becoming Courageous

An International Event for Young Adults 18–36

June 24–28

InPower is a conference for young people who want to forge leadership capacities by developing clear voices for spiritual evolution. This conference will seek to unite young people who share a desire to do more than protest for change in the world, and want to build the capacities needed to elevate humanity toward a brighter future.

The conference will feature presentations and discussions from three people who are living examples of individuals who have developed clear voices in their work in connection to one of the three spheres in the social organism. Richard Dancey will speak out of his extensive experience as a Christian Community priest; Shelly Tochluk will speak from her work and research in social justice and human rights; and Rodrigo Ventre will speak out of his work with new financial models in Brazil.

In addition, an exciting group of twelve workshop leaders will facilitate capacity building sessions. Every evening, in the Hive, we will experiment through dialogue and artistic performances with night cafés dedicated to showcasing not only our talents but unfolding our more vulnerable voices as well.

Community Supported Conference: What? How? Why?

A Community Supported Conference is carried by the thoughts, good wishes, and financial contributions of all those supportive of its cause. Just as a CSA connects you to your food, the land, and those who tend the soil, a Community Supported Conference connects you directly to the event, to a community you help foster, and to the work of the younger generation who will be tending the future soil. There are young people from all over the world who would like to attend this conference, and we need the help of our larger community to make InPower accessible for everyone regardless of financial means. Through the many threads we weave, the intentions of InPower can live and grow. Visit this page to support InPower!

Main Presenters

Richard Dancey

Richard Dancey has been a priest in the Christian Community Church for 34 years. He's worked extensively with teenagers and young adults in summer camps and conferences for all 34 years. On top of the daily work of priesthood, Richard worked for seven years with prisoners in a maximum security prison from 1990-97. He served as co-director of the North American Seminary of the Christian Community from 2002-09 in Chicago, where he still lives with his wife, Margaret. His most recent and exciting project involves touring the south of the United States giving lectures on subjects ranging from "Money and Work" to "Christ and Reincarnation." He hopes to continue this exciting way of reaching people.

Shelly Tochluk

An educator, with a background in psychology, Shelly began working as a researcher, counselor, and teacher in California’s public schools in 1995. It was there that she became aware of how her racial identity made a difference in her life. Beginning in 1997, she also worked with ShadeTree, a spiritually-oriented organization in Los Angeles that provides sanctuary space for youth who are striving to connect with and live out their destiny. Shelly eventually decided to study issues of race as part of a doctoral dissertation, and this led to the publication of her book, Witnessing Whiteness, in 2007. For the last 10 years, she also worked with AWARE-LA (Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere-Los Angeles). With this group, she co-created a workshop series that leads white people into a deeper understanding of their personal relationship to race, white privilege, and systemic racism. Her professional role is as the Chair of the Education Department at Mount St. Mary's College.

Rodrigo Ventre

Rodrigo Ventre was a Waldorf school student and worked with the Youth Section of the Antroposophical Society in Brazil helping to coordinate seminars and workshops for young people. In 2003-04 he trained in Europe in Entrepreneurship - Goetheanum and Associative Economics of Steiner. After returning to Brazil, he founded a consulting company called Vitadenarium with his wife, Luciana, to support organizations, families and individuals in the search for a more conscious relationship with economics, life and business based on anthroposophy. Recently they started a franchise of organic/natural products as a way to experiment with the application of these principles in business.

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Capacity Building Workshops: Inner Voice

Tom Tritschel

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy:
The Power of the Word in Sacrament

Patrick has been a priest of the Christian Community since April of 2006. He currently works at the congregation in College Park, Maryland, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

Tom Tritschel:
Inner Life and Morality

From a punk band in Otze to his priest ordination in 1993, Tom has worked as lecturer, visiting professor, and now as a Christian Community congregational priest in Bochum, Germany.

Bastiaan Baan

Gisela Wielki

Gisela Wielki:
Giving Voice to the World of Things

Gisela grew up in Germany. She has worked since 1972 as a priest of the Christian Community in New York City, with a nine-year break as co-director of the seminary in Chicago. One of her favorite pastimes is to re-imagine the discarded.

Bastiaan Baan:
Ways towards Christian Meditation

After seven years as a Waldorf teacher, Bastiaan transitioned into 33 as a Christian Community priest in the Netherlands. He works now as director of the North American Seminary in Spring Valley, New York, where he lives with his wife, Aeola.

Leah Walker

Sherry Wildfeuer

Sherry Wildfeuer:
The Voices of Lucifer and Ahriman

Sherry is an adult educator and the editor of Stella Natura, a biodynamic planting calendar. She is a long-term co-worker at Camphill Village in Kimberton, Pennsylvania.

Leah Walker:
Exploring Biography

Leah is a biography worker and licensed professional counselor (LPC), as well as a faculty member of the Center for Biography and Social Art. She lives in Austin, TX.

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Magdalen Zinky

Capacity Building Workshops: Expressive Voice

Magdalen Zinky:

Magdalen Zinky is a performer and writer whose theatrical experience runs the gamut from ancient Greek drama to contemporary experimental film/theatre. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College.

Eiren Graver:

Eiren has studied vocal performance, sung with choirs in the US, France and Great Britain, and has led many children and adults in exploring the experience of harmony.

Matt Sawaya

Eiren Graver

Matt Sawaya:
Spoken Word

Matt is an accomplished hip-hop artist, songwriter and spoken word performer who has extensive experience as a teacher and mentor. He works with the Los Angeles-based non-profits Street Poets Inc and ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation.

Jennifer Kleinbach:

Jennifer is a singer, eurythmist, and speech artist who currently teaches speech in the School of Eurythmy and performs with the Eurythmy Spring Valley stage group.

John Preus

Jennifer Kleinbach

John Preus:
Visual Art

John currently works as an artist, builder, fabricator, amateur writer, musician, and collaborator in Chicago with his wife and three children. He founded Dilettante Studios and in 2012 led an international crew of builders to rehab the vacant Huguenot House in Kassel, Germany, for Theaster Gates’ Documenta 13 piece, 12 Ballads for Huguenot House.

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Conference Schedule

June 24
June 25
June 26
June 27
June 28
8:00   Act of Consecration of Man / Breakfast Act of Consecration of Man / Breakfast Act of Consecration of Man / Breakfast Act of Consecration of Man / Breakfast
9:45   Singing Singing Singing Clean-Up Camp
10:00   Morning Presentation: Rodrigo Ventre Morning Presentation: Shelly Tochluk Morning Presentation: Richard Dancey Free Day in NYC
11:15   Large Group Discussion Large Group Discussion Large Group Discussion  
12:00   Lunch Lunch Lunch  
2:30 Registration Capacity Building Workshop I: Inner Voice Capacity Building Workshop I: Inner Voice Capacity Building Workshop I: Inner Voice  
4:00   Break Break Break  
4:30   Capacity Building Workshop II: Expressive Voice Capacity Building Workshop II: Expressive Voice Capacity Building Workshop II: Expressive Voice  
5:30   Supper Supper Supper  
7:30 Conference Opening The Hive The Hive The Hive  
10:00   Close of Day Close of Day Close of Day  

Registration, Meals and Housing

Conference fee: $200–$400 (sliding scale). Paying the highest amount you can afford helps make it possible to include everyone who wants to attend, regardless of financial means. Accommodations: Registration includes camping within walking distance of the conference, with access to bathrooms and outdoor solar showers. (Participants are asked to bring their own tents. Please contact us if you cannot arrange for your own tent.) Information about housing alternatives can be found at Meals: Registration includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks on Wednesday through Friday, plus a light supper Tuesday evening during registration, and breakfast on Saturday morning.

Financial aid: Select scholarship funds and work exchanges are available for those in need; for information, contact Abigail Dancey:

Cancellation policy: No refunds for cancellations after June 3. Earlier cancellations will receive a refund, less a $25 administrative fee.

For more information about the conference, registration, or housing, contact Abigail Dancey:

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Post-InPower Youth Section Work Week

Whether you are coming to InPower from afar or live around the corner, don’t miss this special invitation to the Youth Section from our friends at the Rudolf Steiner Library in Philmont, NY. There is limited space available to participate in this week of enriching, creative, unique and much-needed work, so register early! You have the opportunity to be a part of shaping this historic library's transition in collaboration with your peers, explore landmark local initiatives such as ThinkOutWord and Free Columbia; and get up close and personal with the largest collection of Rudolf Steiner’s work on this continent! Click here for details!