Forging a Path

Child development as a shared foundation for the coworking of physicians, teachers, and therapists

2012 AAMTA Conference
in cooperation with PAAM and the Otto Specht School
Hosted by Threefold Educational Center

Keynote speakers:
Bruno Callegaro, MD
Gerald Karnow, MD

Thursday, August 2–Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bruno Callegaro, MD

In this conference, physicians, therapists, and teachers are invited to come together to explore the anthroposophic perspective on child development with a concentration on the four ethers. Out of our different professional fields, we will create a unique collaborative environment that aims to enrich and strengthen our individual practices.

Can we come to a recognition of the seamless path from insight and diagnosis to medical, therapeutic and pedagogical measures? Our challenge is to discover the lawful relation between developmental-incarnational difficulties and the various modalities available in the anthroposophic approach to healing and education. This is what we will attempt together.

Gerald Karnow, MD

Workshops will permit the various specialties to deepen their efforts, and case studies of patients seen by Rudolf Steiner will be taken up in small groups of teachers, therapists, and doctors. This will enable all to gain a perspective on the multiple approaches helpful in addressing developmental and incarnational challenges.

This conference is a joint effort of the Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapies in America (AAMTA), the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM), and The Otto Specht School, and is hosted by Threefold Educational Center. The Annual General Meetings of PAAM and AAMTA will be held during the conference.

Pre-Conference Meeting for First Class Members

A pre-conference meeting for First Class members (blue cards required) will be held from 10:30am to 6:00pm on Thursday, August 2. There is no additional charge for this meeting. You will receive information upon registering for the conference; email Lory Widmer ( with any questions.

Post-Conference Presentation on Tooth Development

Conference attendees are cordially invited to stay for a presentation on tooth development by Mareike Kaiser and Claus Haupt at 2:00pm on Sunday, August 5. Click here for details.

Conference Schedule (Subject to Change)

August 2
August 3
August 4
August 5
7:00-8:45   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
7:30   Class lesson (Blue Cards required) Class lesson (Blue Cards required)  
9:00-10:30   Lecture: Dr. Callegaro & Dr. Karnow Lecture: Dr. Callegaro & Dr. Karnow Lecture: Dr. Callegaro & Dr. Karnow
10:30-11:30   Break Break Break
11:00-12:30   Workshop groups (based on specialty areas) Workshop groups continue Plenum and farewell (conference ends at noon)
12:30-2:00   Lunch break Lunch break  
2:00-4:00   Multidisciplinary case study workshops (using cases seen by Rudolf Steiner) including therapists, teachers and doctors Case studies continue Post-conference talk on tooth development
4:00-4:30   Break Break  
4:30-6:00 Registration AAMTA Annual General Meeting PAAM Annual General Meeting  
6:00-7:30 Dinner (registration continues) Dinner break Dinner break  
7:45 Lecture: Dr. Callegaro & Dr. Karnow Lecture: Patrice Maynard    
8:00     Eurythmy performance  


Bruno Callegaro, MD is the school doctor at two Waldorf schools serving special needs children in Kassel, Germany.

Gerald Karnow, MD is the medical advisor to the Otto Specht School and the school doctor at a Waldorf school in New York. He practices at the Fellowship Community and works directly with students of the Otto Specht School.

Conference Registration

Conference Fee: $250 ($225 for AAMTA members) (does not include housing and meals.

Preregistration for the conference is now closed. Latecomers can register on site on Thursday, August 2: from 4:30-7:00pm at Threefold Main House, and from 7:00-8:00pm at Threefold Auditorium.


Meals are not included in the conference fee. Threefold Café, located in Main House, serves nutritious, reasonably priced, mostly organic and biodynamic food. The Café's meal service is buffet with a vegetarian option and usually a meat or fish option, prepared from scratch.

The nearby Hungry Hollow Co-op Natural Foods Market serves organic take-out, and there are many restaurants within driving distance.


If you need housing for the conference, you must make separate arrangements. For information about housing at Threefold and area hotels, please click here.

Conference Location

For detailed directions to Threefold Educational Center, plus a map of the campus, please click here.

For More Information

... About the conference or conference registration, contact Lory Widmer: 845-352-5020 x18 or