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Founded in 1966, The Fellowship is an intentional community of all ages, centered on the care of the elderly and based on anthroposophy. About 150 elderly persons, children and coworkers live in a rural setting of farm, woods and orchards. Working and learning together in service to others and in caring for the earth is the central motif of the community life. The Fellowship Community operates the Duryea farm, a mixed vegetable production which also includes an apple orchard, dairy herd and on-farm dairy.

The Hungry Hollow Co-opBACK TO TOP

The Hungry Hollow Co-op Natural Foods Market was established in 1973 as a buying club by parents at Green Meadow Waldorf School. For over 20 years it was nestled in the Threefold community serving a small, committed group of members. In 1993 the Co-op moved to its present location and has become the local “corner grocery store,” open to the public seven days a week. The Co-op hosts educational workshops, seeks to develop sources for local and Biodynamically grown produce, and strives to conduct business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Meadow Lark StoreBACK TO TOP

Meadow Lark has been bringing our community beautiful and useful goods for the Waldorf and anthroposophic family, home, and classroom since 2006. Today, our new and exciting collaboration with the Fellowship Community combines the Hand and Hoe’s candles, crystals, and wooden and other handmade products with Meadow Lark’s thoughtful selection of books, toys, and gifts. Come browse the “Hand + Gnome,” our delightful pop-up shop located inside the Hand and Hoe, 241 Hungry Hollow Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY every Friday from noon to 5:00pm, or shop our curated website (with free book shipping) at

Mercury PressBACK TO TOP

Mercury Press is a publisher and printshop in the Fellowship Community, originating in the 1970s to foster continuing education in the study of anthroposophical literature. Since many of Rudolf Steiner's significant lectures had yet to be published in English, this became part of our work and provided material for unfolding the community's spiritual life. Today, we publish books on the medical arts, education, philosophy and more. We provide Fellowship residents with educational, economic, social and therapeutic experiences in the editing, printing, binding, and shipping of books. Proceeds from our work benefit the Fellowship Community.

The Christian CommunityBACK TO TOP

The Christian Community church in Chestnut Ridge/Spring Valley is part of an international movement for the renewal of religion, founded in 1922 in Switzerland by the eminent Lutheran theologian and minister Friedrich Rittlemeyer with the help of Rudolf Steiner. The New York City church was the first to be founded in North America and there are now twenty congregations on our continent, all independently funded and administered. In Chestnut Ridge, services for children and adults are held on Sundays and weekdays throughout the year, with many special festivals and events as well. A three-week sleep-away camp for children is also held each August (open to everyone).

The Nature Place Day CampBACK TO TOP

A non-competitive, nature-oriented summer camp for boys and girls ages 4-16. The joy, magic and wonder of reconnecting with our earth are inherent in all of its activities, be they games, gardening, hiking, camping, archery, swim instruction, canoeing, cooking, storytelling, earth art, nature explorations, animal care, music, drama and more. Director Ed Bieber, trained as a biologist, is a leader in environmental education in the Threefold community and beyond.

Threefold Mystery Drama GroupBACK TO TOP

Members of the Threefold Community have been working with Rudolf Steiner’s four mystery dramas since the 1950s. This work has always been directed by people trained in Rudolf and Marie Steiner’s art of Creative Speech, using amateur actors. Barbara Renold took up the work in 1987; she and her troupe of 17 players presented the first seven scenes of The Portal of Initiation in April 2007, and the concluding four scenes in April 2008. A 2009 summer conference on The Portal of Initiation was followed by a conference in August 2011 marking the hundredth anniversary of the first performance of The Soul's Probation, during which that drama was performed twice. The July 2012 conference included two performances of The Guardian of the Threshold, and in August 2013 the cycle was completed with a conference featuring two performances of The Souls' Awakening. In August 2014, a nine-day festival featured performances of all four plays, the first time the entire cycle had been performed together in repertory in English. Click here for images of the 2014 productions.

Threefold Branch of the Anthroposophical SocietyBACK TO TOP

Individuals gathering to study and discuss has been central to anthroposophy since its beginnings. Rudolf Steiner, whose ideas and teachings form the basis of anthroposophy, urged anthroposophists to meet in groups and join or form branches, so as to create spaces for individuals to meet each other through their common interests and striving. The Threefold Branch has been meeting continuously since the 1920s, when it was formed in New York City by individuals who became the founders of the Threefold Community. The Threefold Branch meets Wednesday evenings in the Side Room of Threefold Auditorium. For information about membership and participation, contact Gino Ver Eecke at 845-356-1380.