Threefold Auditorium

Threefold Auditorium Capital Campaign

In 1949, after more than twenty years of presenting Summer Conferences and performances in improvised spaces or outdoors, the Threefold community dedicated its auditorium. In classically anthroposophical style, the auditorium’s design emphasizes the use of rounded and geometric forms. In plan view, it is clearly built around two intersecting pentagons rising above a third pentagon. Approached from the driveway, however, the building appears as an unusual but pleasing blend of angular and curved forms. Within the building are the 200-seat auditorium itself, the offices of Threefold Educational Center and Eurythmy Spring Valley, conference rooms, rehearsal space, dressing rooms, and storage areas.

In a pamphlet entitled "A Short History of the Threefold Community, 1922-1972," Charlotte Parker described the design and construction of the auditorium:

Carl Schmidt during the thirties had been occupied with additions to the Main House and a number of small buildings. In 1940, he and Mr. Jones, a neighbor, began work on the Orchard House and garage. When that was finished, Carl started on the Auditorium with Mr. DeBaun. Mrs. Scott Pyle (formerly Mieta Waller) had made, at Mr. Courtney’s suggestion, a small model of the exterior of this projected building, which was used by him in planning the interior. Mr. DeBaun, having been a building contractor, had knowledge of overall construction, while Carl Schmidt could follow Mr. Courtney’s ideas for the interior, and using his particular skill as a cabinet maker could fashion the beautiful wood inlay of the walls. It has seemed to many of us as little short of a miracle that these three men came together at this particular time to collaborate on this building that was so important for the community.

An account given by Constance Ling in 1976 describes the auditorium's dedication:

It was not until 1949 that the Auditorium was ready for dedication after several years’ building. A group of people worked over its design, conceiving it, as I believe Dr. Steiner indicated should be done, as a block, from the outside first. The corner-stone was laid with ceremony, Mr. Courtney, Dr. Pfeiffer and Mr. Monges being among the speakers and the actual dedication taking place with Eurythmy, Music especially written for it by Paul Nordoff. Every year since then it has housed summer conferences and been the center of constant activity of many sorts.

From its dedication until 1976, the auditorium housed the research laboratory of Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, after whom the Pfeiffer Center is named. Dramatic, musical and eurythmy performances are presented on the auditorium’s stage throughout the year.

Threefold Auditorium Capital Campaign