Threefold Educational Foundation's
Stewardship Mandate

Threefold is charged with the care of 140 acres of land that represents nearly every form of land use:  undeveloped forest and wetland, agricultural buildings, gardens, single-family homes, and institutional and retail buildings.  Threefold Educational Foundation’s mission includes ensuring that Threefold property is developed and used in ways that are true to the community’s values, preserving open space and natural beauty and developing land and buildings in an environmentally responsible manner using biodynamic principles and methods.  Sustainability is only the starting point for the development of a truly thriving and abundant way of living on earth.

Because the property under our charge is home to multiple and varied uses – including a K-12 school, adult education, and a retail food store – much of our work involves coordinating and harmonizing multiple long-term institutional plans while ensuring that all uses conform to applicable laws and are consistent with the community’s moral and spiritual principles.

The Foundation’s staff is the principal interface with village, town, county and state governments. It is the Foundation’s task to harmonize the needs of its constituent communities with the requirements of land use and zoning boards, neighboring property holders, and the like.

ResidencesBACK TO TOP

The fifty residences that stand on Threefold property provide high-quality subsidized housing for students, staff and faculty of Green Meadow Waldorf School, Sunbridge Institute, and Eurythmy Spring Valley.

Classrooms and StudiosBACK TO TOP

Classroom and studio spaces on Threefold property provide the physical setting for every level of education, ranging from 400 children at Green Meadow Waldorf School (pre-K through grade 12) to the hundreds of adults who attend conferences and courses sponsored by Threefold and Sunbridge Institute.